Used of relations such that each member of one set is associated with one member of a second set


Adjective S.
used of relations such that each member of one set is associated with one member of a second set


Usage Examples
Misspelled Form

one-to-one, ione-to-one, 9one-to-one, 0one-to-one, pone-to-one, lone-to-one, ine-to-one, 9ne-to-one, 0ne-to-one, pne-to-one, lne-to-one, oine-to-one, o9ne-to-one, o0ne-to-one, opne-to-one, olne-to-one, obne-to-one, ohne-to-one, ojne-to-one, omne-to-one, o ne-to-one, obe-to-one, ohe-to-one, oje-to-one, ome-to-one, o e-to-one, onbe-to-one, onhe-to-one, onje-to-one, onme-to-one, on e-to-one, onwe-to-one, on3e-to-one, on4e-to-one, onre-to-one, onse-to-one, onde-to-one, onw-to-one, on3-to-one, on4-to-one, onr-to-one, ons-to-one, ond-to-one, onew-to-one, one3-to-one, one4-to-one, oner-to-one, ones-to-one, oned-to-one, one0-to-one, one+-to-one, onep-to-one, one{-to-one, one0to-one, one+to-one, onepto-one, one{to-one, one-0to-one, one-+to-one, one-pto-one, one-{to-one, one-rto-one, one-5to-one, one-6to-one, one-yto-one, one-gto-one, one-ro-one, one-5o-one, one-6o-one, one-yo-one, one-go-one, one-tro-one, one-t5o-one, one-t6o-one, one-tyo-one, one-tgo-one, one-tio-one, one-t9o-one, one-t0o-one, one-tpo-one, one-tlo-one, one-ti-one, one-t9-one, one-t0-one, one-tp-one, one-tl-one, one-toi-one, one-to9-one, one-to0-one, one-top-one, one-tol-one, one-to0-one, one-to+-one, one-top-one, one-to{-one, one-to0one, one-to+one, one-topone, one-to{one, one-to-0one, one-to-+one, one-to-pone, one-to-{one, one-to-ione, one-to-9one, one-to-0one, one-to-pone, one-to-lone, one-to-ine, one-to-9ne, one-to-0ne, one-to-pne, one-to-lne, one-to-oine, one-to-o9ne, one-to-o0ne, one-to-opne, one-to-olne, one-to-obne, one-to-ohne, one-to-ojne, one-to-omne, one-to-o ne, one-to-obe, one-to-ohe, one-to-oje, one-to-ome, one-to-o e, one-to-onbe, one-to-onhe, one-to-onje, one-to-onme, one-to-on e, one-to-onwe, one-to-on3e, one-to-on4e, one-to-onre, one-to-onse, one-to-onde, one-to-onw, one-to-on3, one-to-on4, one-to-onr, one-to-ons, one-to-ond, one-to-onew, one-to-one3, one-to-one4, one-to-oner, one-to-ones, one-to-oned.


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