As an example; "take ribbon snakes, for example"


as an example; "take ribbon snakes, for example"


Usage Examples

The reasons why I left were to do with my interest in Buddhism. There were experiences over a period of about six months which caused me to decide to give up music, so one morning I felt I had to go to E.G. Management and tell them.

Misspelled Form

e.g., we.g., 3e.g., 4e.g., re.g., se.g., de.g., w.g., 3.g., 4.g., r.g., s.g., d.g., ew.g., e3.g., e4.g., er.g., es.g., ed.g., e,.g., e>.g., e?.g., e;.g., e,g., e>g., e?g., e;g., e.,g., e.>g., e.?g., e.;g., e.fg., e.tg., e.yg., e.hg., e.bg., e.vg., e.f., e.t., e.y., e.h., e.b., e.v., e.gf., e.gt., e.gy., e.gh., e.gb., e.gv., e.g,., e.g>., e.g?., e.g;., e.g,, e.g>, e.g?, e.g;, e.g.,, e.g.>, e.g.?, e.g.;.

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